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Media Engagements

Tamara is an internationally recognized media contributor for parents, families, and caregivers within the mental health system. She speaks on a variety of topics regarding family, children, adolescents, becoming educated about the mental health system, and gathering helpful resources. Tamara enjoys educating readers and listeners to the “secrets” of the mental health system and offering suggestions on how to navigate it appropriately.

Tamara is a regular contributor and columnist for

To book Tamara for a speaking engagement, article contribution, or other media event, click on “contact me” on the home page under “about the therapist.” 

Below you can find pre-chosen a sample of media engagements that you may find interesting:

National Interviews: Print, online, radio

Who is helping you raise the next generation?

How to apologize to your kids

Is the news making you depressed?

Does a stressed-out mom give her kids an edge?


Learning How To Cope With Depression

Overcoming Judgmental Attitudes: 4 Truths About Judging

Video: Understanding How Mania Controls Behavior

Mental Illness & Chemical Dependence

History Of The “Dangerousness” Criteria Of Involuntary Commitment

38 Tips For Finding Ways to Relax


Speaking up for our children: Suicide Prevention

Keeping depression at bay: Embracing new purpose during the holiday

6 things kids need from adults to feel valued

Radio Engagements

Mental Health Matters

Yvonne Pierre Radio show

Doctor Gordon Atherley

Louise Uwacu



30 Day Family Consultations

Tamara provides family consultations for a 30 day duration (1x per week, for 1hr) in which she speaks with families by phone or her Internet online counseling platform (coming in summer 2016!) to answer questions or discuss concerns regarding anything mental health related. Sessions are conducted between the hours of 6:00pm and 7:30pm on Thursdays. She offers a flat rate of $45 per week. All consultations are offered for 30 days. Please contact: for information on available slots. Payments accepted include Paypal accounts. 

 If you are looking for someone to talk to regarding a mental health decision or counseling related topic such as “what are the symptoms of borderline personality disorder?” “should I choose this therapist?” or “can you explain confidentiality?”, Tamara is the person for you. To request services, please complete the form below and allow between 24-72hrs for a response.

Thank you!


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