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Christians Suffer Depression Too and That’s Okay – Part 2

Christians and Depression

Christians are human just like everyone else. They experience life just like everyone else. The only difference between someone who is following God/Jesus Christ and someone who is not, is that they are depending on something Greater than themselves. But this doesn’t mean that depression, anxiety, alcohol addiction, or other mental health challenges will never occur.

This article will highlight 5 things I think Christians should do to rebound from a negative experience. 

Christians are an interesting special population. They are special for more reasons than one. But the most important characteristic of the Christian community is that they strive, everyday, to allow God to work through them. They are surrendering their heart, soul, and mind to God so that He may use them in special ways. But is God using those who make others in the Christian community feel ousted, abandoned, or unloved? I would venture to guess not. In fact, Jesus said:

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me – just as the Father knows me and I know the Father….” (St. John 10:14-15).

The “sheep” do not oust others, hurt them, or abandon them because they are experiencing life in painful ways.

I offer some tips on how Christian sufferers can rebound and find their faith again. I look forward to your comments, questions, and shared experiences.

As always, I wish you well

  • L D

    I can’t get it to play. Is it something on my end, I wonder? Thanks! Lori

  • L D

    Dear Tamara,
    Truly, there is just something about you, something about GOD in you that draws people in and I would even be as bold to say that you make people want to know more about God and who He is. Not “just” this distant omnipotent Being but as Someone relatable even in the real world everyday stuff!
    I had a dear friend who passed away several years ago. Her name is Diane Muise. She was older than me and I met her through another older friend I went to church with. I began working for her selling Sarah Coventry jewelry doing home parties and also babysitting her children. Her home and her heart were a safe haven that God gave me. I never thought of it that way until now, thinking of you. The other thing about Diane that people took note of is that (and I KNOW to a non-believer this will sound weird) is that one could see the light and love of Jesus in her smile and in her eyes as well as hear it in her voice. I hear that in you also.
    I really love several points you make. I can so identify with trying to “force” my relationship with God during periods when I feel distant or even questioning. It’s not something I’d ever admit, nor do I EVER recall hearing anyone in church say that it’s OKAY to ask WHY certain things happen or to sometimes struggle with faith. And what kind of message does that send? To me as an abused child and teenager, it made me think I was doing something wrong, that I was not as worthy as the believers surrounding me. In fact, it reminds me of a song written by my friend, Diane Muise (a Christian gospel singer, among other “hats” she wore lol) called “Hurt In Every Pew” as well as another one of hers called “Stained Glass Window.”
    You also spoke of Christian music. I love K Love radio! I don’t know a lot of Christian music but my therapist introduced me to the music of Natalie Grant. I absolutely LOVE her song “Held”–it just touches the wounded little child in me I guess. I also remember as a teen listening on occasion to Karen Lafferty and Sandi Patti and as I got older, to Amy Grant.
    What an AWESOME thing that you and your mom can be prayer partners and that you can talk to her about spiritual things… She is obviously a Godly woman who has raised her children as God intended. That is great that you have that and a great idea to get a faith or prayer partner!
    Thanks for helping me to want to get back to a stronger more solid faith…

    • Lori, You are so very sweet. Thank you. I truly believe you are not flattering me but telling me something God wants you to tell me. We all, those of us who follow God, need someone to reaffirm our faith and get us back to being passionate about God. So your comment was right on time and it’s beautiful that we can both bless each other (miles apart)! That’s the wonder of God. That’s what holds my faith firm. Those impossible territories become possible with Him. Keep holding on to God Lori and being the servant He wants you to be. We’re the body and we have a long road to walk to change this lonely, cold world. Have a great night. Tamara