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My #1 Tip For Surviving Christmas

What are you doing this Christmas to make your holiday stand out? I often recommend that my clients pursue a meaningful Christmas and here’s why:

When I was about 10 years old I found out my great grandmother had been struggling with dementia and stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Her illness was so traumatizing and new to my family that Christmas time simply wasn’t an immediate priority for my family. Sadly, I didn’t realize this until my mom and grandmother told me we could not spend Christmas Eve shopping at our favorite toy store, a tradition developed overtime by my mom and grandmother. Christmas Day, however, turned out to be one of the best Christmas’s I had ever had. I woke up the next day, looked around at a beautifully decorated home, and saw my immediate family all together eating breakfast. I sat down at the table and listened to all of the funny and heartwarming stories my family discussed. My heart was warmed by their love, their collective energies, and the beauty of the day. For my family, the Birth of Jesus and love between family was an important focus of the day. I can say, now that I am so much older, that this Christmas changed my life. It changed my outlook, my expectation(s), and my focus. How will you make your Christmas mean something this year?


Do you have a heartwarming story to tell? Do you have tips?

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Merry Christmas

As always, I wish you well