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This website is not intended to replace medical care or mental health care. This site is for the sole purpose of communicating information to individuals interested in learning more about certain mental health topics covered on this site. This website is also not a guarantee that you will find sufficient information needed to educate yourself about a certain topic. I share educational information that has been useful to my development as a professional mental health therapist as well as information that has been useful to my clients over the years. As a result, you assume full responsibility  for how you choose to use the information on this website and you understand/agree that Anchored-In-Knowledge is not responsible or liable for any claim, loss, or damage resulting from its use by you or any user.

While my main goal is to keep information on this site accurate and up-to-date, I disclaim any warranty concerning its accuracy, timeliness, and completeness and any other warranty, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The internet is constantly in an influx of change, so if you find information that seems outdated, incorrect, or a tad odd, please feel free to comment in the comments section or click on “contact me” page and my web-team can take a look.

It is my goal to do my best to provide exemplary service (and products). I strive to educate my supporters and support them as well. My goal is to continue to strive for excellence, but certainly not perfection. This is why I rely completely on you to highlight any errors, outdated information, or confusing articles that you might see. You are a big part of the success of this website.

Coming soon…..Free stuff

With the help of my supporters, I have been able to discuss multiple ways to not only educate you but also provide services for free. My goal is to provide 30min psycho-educational videos at no cost to you. I will also provide articles and chapters from my books free of charge. As I continue to grow in my practice, I will offer more supplies free of cost to you. Stay tuned!

Paying supporters:

I will soon have a paypal account set up on Anchored-In-Knowledge for those supporters who are interested in purchasing full e-versions of my books, 1hr videos, workshops, or online psycho-education sessions for longer durations of time.

Online Psycho-education meetings:

Starting in the beginning of 2018, I will be offering online psycho-education sessions using an online counseling platform and sometimes Skype (depending on the topic of discussion). You can expect a HIPAA compliant platform that promotes confidentiality with the Counseling Platform. You can expect privacy with Skype but it is not a HIPAA regulated service.

Access to external services:

I love connecting with others in the mental health community. If you know of a great resource that you would like for me to add to this site, please contact me at I would be happy to pass this on to my web-team for them to consider adding to the site. My web-team also provides access to other sites we believe are very helpful to our supporters. You will find this information on the front page of Anchored-In-Knowledge.

Permission to use:

Beyond personal use, permission to reprint or otherwise reproduce any document in whole or in part is prohibited, unless prior written consent is obtained from – the copyright owner. I want to ensure that all information is legally shared, accurate, and up-to-date.

Recommendations and promotion:

I recommend only services, websites, books, and other educational resources that I have tried, liked, or shared with my clients in therapy. I will never promote materials that I have not used myself or have suggested others use. All information obtained from Anchored-In-Knowledge has either been used by me, mentors, other clinicians, or my own clients.

Social Media Use:

All tweets and information shared on my social media accounts are a reflection of my support of them. I will, in no way, share information via my social media platforms if they are potentially harmful to someone else, inappropriate, or self-promoting to the extent the message is manipulative or harmful to others. All tweets and social media shares are my own as well.

International media contributions: 

I am currently regarded as an international media contributor which means that I contribute to articles, webinars, presentations, social media platforms, and any other media platform regarding counseling and psychotherapy, culture, psychology, social justice, etc. I will promote materials that are consistent with my belief system and my client’s agenda or beliefs only. Even though I accept invitations or opportunities to contribute to certain media platforms, this does not mean I agree 100% with everything that social media platform promotes or beliefs.


As always, I wish you well

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