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I am currently expanding my focus, which is often on mental health-related resources and information for families, caregivers, and friends. I am looking forward to writing an article on both of my sites (PsychCentral & AnchoredInKnowlege) that focuses on alternative education choices for kids. Part of this article will include home-education as a choice for families.

I want to give you an opportunity to add any tips, advice, and suggestions that you may want me to add to the article. The article will appear on PsychCentral and AnchoredInKnowledge April 22, 2013.

The goal is to provide resources for families struggling in the educational system with children who have severe or untreated mental or behavioral disorders. Another goal is to highlight the pros of home-education, change pre-conceived notions, and incorporate much needed mental health-related information for parents, families, and others alike.

Feel free to post your suggestions below!

If I decide to use your suggestions, I will post both your web page and twitter account.

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