Trauma-based therapy for angry, anxious, depressed, and frustrated families

Schedule A Free Psycho-education Meeting With Me!

COMING in January 2018!!


Free (or pro-bono) Psycho-education Meetings

What is a psycho-education meeting? 

  • Psycho-education meetings are online-based meetings that focus on offering guidance, suggestions, and resources. It is not therapy but rather a 15min free online meeting, using Skype, focused on offering suggestions (or consultation) around mental health matters for children and adolescents. That’s right…free!


Who is likely to benefit from psycho-education meetings?

  • Parents, caregivers, or families struggling with understanding the mental health system (i.e., not knowing their rights, confusion over confidentiality and limitations to confidentiality, etc.), child or adolescent behaviors (i.e., oppositional behaviors, inattention, moodiness, bullying-like behaviors, etc.), and available resources (i.e., not knowing what service would best address issues occurring in the family or with the child or adolescent).
  • People needing their questions answered on obtaining mental health services such as individual, family, or group therapy may also benefit.


How often are meetings with you?

2x per month. I will spend the first 5min of the online meeting explaining the service and confidentiality before answering your questions.


To get started, simply click on “about me” and scroll down to “talk to me” and send the following information:

  1. First name
  2. skype ID to connect with me
  3. time you are available
  4. your city and state
  5. whether you would like me to answer your question face-to-face or by email\

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