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Supervision for Pennsylvania Clinicians

Clinical Supervision (COMING August 2017)

Are You A New Counselor Seeking to Grow into a state licensed clinician ? Looking for an affordable way to obtain your license (LPC) in Pennsylvania?

Supervision is a wonderful journey toward self-acceptance and competence as a clinician. It is a great way to empower yourself, improve your abilities, develop confidence, create a long-term professional relationship, and stimulate your passion. Supporting pre-licensed clinicians in their journey to become competent and grounded therapists has a powerful ripple effect.  One therapist, who has had a solid background in training, can truly make a difference in agencies, nonprofits, or other areas where therapists are needed. Future clients are also greatly impacted by a competent and thoughtful therapist. It’s a wonderful endeavor, but one that requires careful thought during the search for a supervisor. I was once in this position and it took me a good year before I could find the right supervisor. Once I did, my learning experience was more than just a weekly meeting to earn hours. It was therapy, consultation, and psychologically gratifying. This is the experience I hope to offer to you.


The fee for supervision is $50 for an individual meeting or group meeting.

I offer individual (and am strongly considering group) supervision 2x per month.

  • Individual supervision will entail you coming to the office, paying the fee, and receiving a full hour of supervision. I am also available for questions via email.
  • Group supervision will entail a maxium of 10 LPC-Interns every other Saturday from 4-6pm. Both individual and group therapy meetings are relaxed, open, and fun. I will challenge you, engage you in self-exploration, and attempt to motivate your interest in working with clients.


Although I tend to use existential/philosophical theories in clinical supervision, the foundation of my work with LPC-Interns comes from my background and training in CBT and trauma informed care. I offer supervision that is interactive and that seeks to stimulate thinking on issues that are essential to developing your niche, clinical passion, and critical thinking skills.

If you are interested in reading more about my clinical niche and skills, please visit my “about me” page.

Supervision meetings primarily cover:

  • Existential/philosophical questions or concerns about humanity or yourself
  • Case conceptualizations
  • General clinical skill building
  • Evaluation of insurance policies and criteria required for services to be covered
  • Development of necessary skills for insurance re-auth calls or Continued Stay Reviews
  • Treatment planning
  • Discharge planning


If you are interested in getting started, email with your name, number or email address, location, and number of supervision hours needed. Please allow for 24-72hrs for responses.


Looking forward to working with you!



NOTE: Please note that clinical supervision services are not being offered until August 2017. You may contact me with the subject line “Clinical Supervision 2017.”

Thank you!


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