Trauma-based therapy for angry, anxious, depressed, and frustrated families

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see online clients or long-distance clients for therapy?

Unfortunately, at this time, I do not. However, there are some clients I do make exceptions for based on their specific situation. For example, I have seen a client in person for over a year and when I moved practice locations, she could not see me in person as often. I began seeing her 1x per month in-person while seeing her online for the remaining 3 weeks of the month. I also see online clients who are struggling with severe anxiety or have a physical/medical disability. The only thing I ask with these clients is for written proof (to keep in the medical record) that they are unable to come to the office. If you have specific questions about this and would like for me to consider seeing you for online therapy, please return to the home page and email me.


What kind of clients do you see?

I tend to see children (ages 5-11), teens (ages 13-17), and young adults (ages 18-24). I do provide counseling to parents who need help coping with changes within their families, with their own health, career adjustments, etc. I also see families together for family therapy.


What is your therapy like? 

Please see my “about me” and “my counseling approach” page for information.


Do you offer free sessions?

There are times when I will strongly consider providing “free” or pro-bono sessions. In cases where I would provide pro-bono services the following must be occurring: loss of employment, difficulty with billing or insurance, billing issues that are the result of my actions or changes in my office, and/or crisis management.


Do you provide supervision for counselors in Pennsylvania looking to get their own license?

Absolutely! Please return to the home page and scroll down to the bottom of the page for further details.


How much do you charge and why?

I believe in helping others become good counselors. Sadly, there are a lot of bad therapists in the world and supervision provides me with the opportunity to help someone grow. As a result, my fee is based on this viewpoint and is a flat rate of $50 per supervision meeting. If you would need 2 hours for every  40 hours worked, the fee will still be $50.


What do you do outside of therapy and how would you describe yourself?

Outside of therapy I enjoy engaging in self-exploration, spiritual exploration, and engaging my faith through music, writing, or scripture reading. Aside from this, I am a writer, author, reader,  Believer, “certified worryer,”  “introvert,” student of life, perfectionist, Zumba lover, interior designer, a fanatic of music, and a pretty good cook!


Why do you go by Therapist-Tee on social media?

When I worked in a juvenile delinquency school and residential facility, many of my adolescent clients began referring to me as “Therapist-Tee.” At the time, they thought it was a  “cool therapist” name. The name has become an online name of endearment in some ways.

Where can I find your books and are you writing more?

In 2012, a year after graduating graduate school, I decided to compile all of the work I did in school including organizing some of my own experiences into a project that eventually turned into a book. You can find this book anywhere online where books are sold, but the most popular place is Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You can get both a paperback and e-Nook version.

Stay tuned for my next book on suicide and teenagers. If you subscribe to this website, you will get an alert once the new book is published.


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