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Identifying Unhealthy People and Relationships In Your Life

Unhealthy relationships Relationships are difficult.

Sometimes they feel impossible to navigate.

Relationships are even more difficult when one or both people are engaging in unhealthy behaviors.

In this video, I discuss 12 unhealthy boundary violations that we should all be aware of in our relationships.

Relationships involve work. Most people struggle to understand why they can’t get things to work out as they would like. They also may struggle to understand why they end up disappointed.

But as the relationship grows, you may find yourself really valuing the other person and their place in your world.

Unhealthy Boundaries

But what makes unhealthy relationships difficult is when one individual is violating boundaries, undermining independence, creating codependency, dominating thoughts and emotions, or controlling every ounce of your existence.

There are some situations that never progress. Things start off rocky and may never change. This kind of relationship can end abruptly, angrily, or even legally. It also can leave a long-lasting scar on your heart and mind.


12 ways to recognize abusive people

In the video below, I provide examples of unhealthy behaviors and discuss the impact they can have on your well-being.



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