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Mental Health Awareness Week – October 6-12 2013

Rethink Mental Illness
Rethink Mental Illness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone:

I wanted to invite you to spend a week at my sister-site (PsychCentral/Caregivers) to read amazing stories about people nationally and internationally experiencing mental illness within their family. I have amazing followers all over and after contacting them, they decided to engage in a 15 question interview with me about their loved one. You will meet the following:

  1. a sister from Scotland who feels medication is over-prescribed,
  2. a mother who lost her son to suicide from Canada,
  3. another mother who lost her son to suicide and advocates for greater awareness from Newfoundland Canada,
  4. a grandmother who feels left out of the treatment of her grandson,
  5. a young college senior who suffers from anxiety and sees ethnic cultures overlooked,
  6. a step-parent who suffers due to lack of resources, and many more.

I encourage you to join us during the week of October 6-12 and share their stories with people you know who may benefit.  During this time I will also be posting things on this site related to their topic.

Hope to “see” you there!   😉


As always, I wish you well


Please note the new location for Anchored Child & Family Counseling:

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The Pleasant Hills, PA location is the previous office.


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