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Trauma: 5 Common Misconceptions of Grief and Loss

Do you feel you have experienced trauma in your life?

Were you able to get through it and move on to be strong and resilient?

In today’s society, it can feel like everyone is using the word “trauma.” It’s like the “new fad” to say that one has experienced trauma. But trauma is a physiological, psychological, emotional/psychological, and neuro-biological process that takes a toll on your entire person. It can be experienced in many ways and it isn’t something you can easily get over.

Trauma is a powerful word.

Trauma is ANY experience that happened to you (and negatively impacted you) at a time you were unable to cope with it. Some people pursue counseling but still struggle with opening up, doing the hard work, and experiencing post-traumatic growth.

In this video, I will focus on the 5 misconceptions of experiencing a traumatic event and the resulting stages you are likely to go through all throughout your life and at different times/stages.

The stages of grief are:

1. Denial

2. Anger



5. Acceptance


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