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Understanding Schizophrenia

Are you looking for a blog and facebook page that offers not only a hand to hold when you are going through a tough time, but also a place to share your deepest struggles, hurts, and disappointments? Check into Mel’s page titled “Understanding Schizophrenia: Loving someone living with schizophrenia.” She will also be joining me in August during my self-titled Personal Stories Week on Psychcentral to share her experience as a caregiver.


To learn more about her, visit her Facebook page. Scroll down and read her article on “self-medicating mental illness.” Very real, raw, and similar to many parents, families, and caregivers trying to hold it all together for an ill loved one.


I wish you well today

As always, I wish you well

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If you are a current client you will receive details in the mail. If you are a new client looking for services, please ask about the new location.


Thank you and I look forward to seeing you there!

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