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Understanding Your Healthcare Rights

English: A photograph of a 2 month old human i...
English: A photograph of a 2 month old human infant, his mother, his maternal grandmother, and his maternal great-grandmother. Each person in this photograph gave birth to the next younger person thus showing four generations in one family photograph. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you know what HIPAA is? What about your rights or your loved one’s rights when they are hospitalized or receiving care? Do you know that you are entitled, under law, to confidentiality or privacy? These are things I encourage ALL families and caregivers to know about. To learn about HIPAA, patient rights, and confidentiality, click on the links below.

Stay informed!

When your loved one needs care: Understanding confidentiality 

When your loved one needs care: HIPAA

When your loved one needs care: Patient Rights

As always, I wish you well

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