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Why Childhood Anxiety Often Goes Undetected (and the Consequences) | Child Mind Institute




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Why Childhood Anxiety Often Goes Undetected (and the Consequences) | Child Mind Institute.


There are so many reasons why kids experience anxiety and unfortunately, many parents are uninformed about their child’s anxiety. Infants often can detect the anxiety or stress level of their mothers (and even fathers), while school age children can pick up on stressful events like detectors. Sadly, many kids are misdiagnosed as having ADHD or Bipolar disorder because anxiety is so difficult to detect in youngsters. The symptoms of ADHD (hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, inattentiveness, etc.) can also be found in anxiety. The symptoms of bipolar disorder (inability to sleep, hyperactive behavior, irritability, explosiveness, etc.) can also be found in anxiety disorders.


Kids are also often overlooked because adults believe the lives of children are always wonderful and that very few kids suffer from mental health concerns or frivolous worrying. The reality is that kids too experience stress and while their pressure may not be as great as an adult, kids require constant supervision by those who love them in order to develop healthily.



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